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    In the Heart of the Columbia River Gorge

    real food for real people since 2014

  • Best Milk You'll Ever Taste!

    Even if you think you don't like goat's milk

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    Not all goat milk is the same, folks.

    Seriously, it's not.

    We get a kick out of people's surprise that our milk is so sweet & creamy. The breed of goat, attention to the animal's mineral needs & handling of the milk all make a huge difference in the end product.

    What's more, when you pasturize milk it smells & tastes, well, dead.

    At Spero Homestead we've spent years learning how to keep goats thriving while not using antibiotics or chemical dewormers. We would rather focus on vitamins, herbs & minerals to maintain optimal health in our herd. After all, you consume their milk & we believe it should be the most nutritious milk possible.

    Please note that because we sell raw milk we have a contract customers will need to sign before they can purchase from the farm.

    If you'd like to try it for yourself...

  • You Need Goats in Your Life

    Kids & Adults Available for Purchase

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    We breed Mini-Nubians here at Spero Homestead. These are a cross between Nigerian Dwarfs & full size Nubians. We chose this cross because the milk is simply the best around, the long floppy ears are ridiculous & we love all the splashy colors the Nigerians throw into the mix. Great care is taken in breeding our goats for healthy, resiliant animals who produce well & are a pleasure to be around.



  • Healthy Goats are a Passion

    Learn our Holistic Methods

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    We believe...

    it just makes sense that everything we need to thrive grows alongside us. How could it be otherwise?

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  • Dream a little dream


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    We met in a little neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, both trying to fit our homesteading aspirations into a tiny city lot. We were neighbors who found we had much in common. After experimenting to our heart’s content on a rented half acre in inner-Southeast, with abundant gardens, a silly (and growing) herd of goats, and the requisite homestead chickens, we began to look for a place to call our own. Like true dreamers, we fell in love with a home that no one had lived in for nearly 40 years and decided - why yes, of course, that will do nicely. In the following few years, neighbors offered us other adjacent properties, allowing us to piece together a lovely homestead that backs up to National forest & looks out over the Columbia River. We call our little eden that is nestled into the side of a mountain in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge, Spero Homestead. Spero is Latin for hope and feels forever optimistic to us. For who could plant a seed or rear a new generation of animals without hope, so akin to faith?

    It is here that we are entertained endlessly by the beauty that is all around us, the joy of real & good work and the wonder that comes when you work intimately with nature.

  • Now ya'll drop by again

    real soon, ya hear!

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